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Luxurious Longevity
Crown Jewel Penthouse

Situated on the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Crown Jewel is a constituent of the Kingston Foreshore - an urban waterside community with a lively culinary scene. Sitting high above the ground, the penthouse is one of six homes of its type in the lavish Sapphire development that enjoy views of Kingston Harbour and surrounding wetlands. Compelled by the unique residential context, Parallel Workshop Architects conceives of Crown Jewel in relation to the external environment, reflecting elements of the natural landscape in the interior design of the home and crafting an unobstructed sightline to the outdoors. Crafted for a young family, the penthouse expresses a purposeful commitment to longevity.

To accommodate inevitable future changes in lifestyle, the layout of Crown Jewel is compatible with multiple ways of living. The ground floor presents as a flowing composition of communal spaces. Two curving screens comprised of narrowly spaced batons gently distinguish the kitchen and dining area from the grand living room, showcasing an elegant Steinway piano whilst allowing a degree of visual connection. Anchoring the dining area and living room with rectangular rugs and equally angular furniture, Parallel Workshop Architects enables experiences of place to exist in a communal setting. Upstairs, the master and semi-master bedrooms are carefully positioned to foster a sense of intimacy, with access to ample morning sunlight and private evening views.

By linking Crown Jewel to its natural context, Parallel Workshop Architects pays homage to the client’s request for durable luxury. The rich, deep colours of the Australian landscape are represented in navy furnishings, muted green finishes and consistent interplays of light and dark grey, whilst timeless materials such as glass and stone combine with elements of velvet and leather. In the living room, the double-height architecture is emphasised by an immense fireplace canopy. Occupying four metres of vertical space, the scale of the canopy is echoed by a detailed piece of joinery positioned opposite, bringing the kitchen and living room into harmonious proportion. Embracing the visual character of the home, Parallel Workshop Architects enables views of the internal volume, external lake and outdoor greenery from the top of the staircase.

Translating both the surrounds and design brief into a cohesive architectural outcome, Parallel Workshop Architects establishes a family life with place. Functional and aesthetically generous, Crown Jewel is equipped to provide for multiple generations, fostering an authentic love for living in Canberra.

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