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Baller's Clubhouse



In collaboration with

Ballers Clubhouse


Elle Critchley design

Josh Lefers

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Shortlisted

Ballers Clubhouse is an experiential hospitality mega-venue in Melbourne's CBD pushing the notion of hospitality beyond 'merely drinking'. Utilising the client's quirky bran identity, Ballers is a unique adult-playground blending sport, food & beverage with events, activations a& customisable entertainment, celebrating connection, 'play& Melbourne's adventurous & agile hospitality scene.

Ballers fitout is fun, ballsy &out there enough to accommodate a large spread of demographic &events. Currently hosting everything from birthdays/ corporate conferences/ live marketing & music functions/ bucks/hens to a late nightclub.

A forward thinking team meant Ballers was planned around flexibility, sustainability & future proofing. Creating a space versatile enough to handle client & brands' ever-developing ideas will give the design longevity.

Designed for games to be updatable & transformable; Shuffle courts flex for use as runways at fashion shows, grassed for indoor picnic events or adjusted for winter curling.

Gold ceilings & floors are currently having an undulating ' ping-pong ball art piece' installed, & ping-pong dining tables hosts glam dinners. External collaborators & performers are all part of the constant cycle of refresh. There is a sense of discovery and engagement through interaction with the venue, its inhabitants & the ever changing & evolving offerings.

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